Gal Katz

Beyond Academia

Hilma af Klint, The Mahatma’s Earthly Standpoint (1920)

I strive to relate my research and teaching to broader social and political concerns. Prior to my doctoral studies, I served as a senior international news editor for the Israeli daily newspaper Ha’aretz and later co-founded and edited a leading online magazine for culture and politics. During the almost two years that I spent in Germany for research—and in frequent visits to Tel Aviv—I often participated in public forums, bringing my work to bear on questions of identity and democratic participation. This commitment is also expressed in two academic conferences I co-organized—“Secular Religions” at the Jerusalem Van Lear Institute (2009), and “Hegel and Naturalism” (2013) at Columbia—and in non-academic publications.

A selection of my non-academic public writing:

Different Hats,” The Point

But I’m a Creep,” The Point

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” The Point

Retro Revolution,” Ha’aretz

When I Met the Prime Minister,” Eretz Ha’emori (in Hebrew)

The Judicialization of Ethical Life,” Eretz Ha’emori (in Hebrew)